Beard Cream

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Beard Cream

Our new Beard Cream is designed to be applied and brushed through your beard.  Whether your beard is trimmed short, or ZZ Top long, this cream gives you control with a natural finish.  When using our cream, your beard will become naturally softened and those stray hairs will sit right in place.  The scent is softly masculine that does not linger, nor sour over time.  This beard cream will have your beard looking like a movie star all day long.


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Naturally crafted

We didn’t get here by throwing industry-common (and chemically heavy) ingredients together and hoping for the best. Gravallese is the product of operating a barbershop as we’ve tested, listened, and learned. It’s born out of a profound care for people and what goes into our all-natural and plant-based products to make them functional for both the consumers and purveyors of them.  This is what drives us at Gravallese.

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Silky and smooth. Just so easy to use. Even for a dumb bartender like me.

Michael Moberly

The best product I've ever used. My look stays tight from morning till night.

Dr. Steven Noisewater


meticulously by hand


Real ingredients

We are
your daymaker

We want you to feel empowered by the look and style you create.