Clean Grit

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Pure Style

The Look

Sea Salt Clay Spray

Gritty flexible texture that has control

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Best everyday hair product, easy to use, no residue. Dig it!


Holds nice, not too firm and washes out easily. Love the smell and ingredients - always A+ from these guys!


Great spray with masculine scent, easy to use and doesn’t have an overbearing texture on my hair.

The Feel
Refreshing & Balanced
All styling aids are plant-based and formulated with natural oils containing antioxidants that condition your hair and keep your scalp from getting dry.
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Our Formulas
Our recipes are meticulously crafted with three things in mind...

Functionality (easy to apply and wash off your hands)
Environmental sustainability (all-natural and plant-based)
Fashionability (walk away with that looking good all-day feeling)
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Our Mantra

Gravallese products are inspired by tradition and obsessively made by barbers for both themselves and those in the chairs before them.

Crafted by a

Master Barber

Gravallese Co. takes a modern approach to hair care that's deeply inspired by the real-world work of barbers and the countless hours of training to become a master.

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My Journey Creating a Hair and Skin Care Brand
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