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Do you need to step your beard game up to the next level?  Is your beard scraggly and needing some tame?  Look no further, the Gravallese Co Beard Brush is here to save the day.  The All natural wood grain handle is smooth and comfortable in your hand, giving you full control of your grooming needs.  The medium coarse bristles run smoothly through your beard, helping straighten out your hair. The massaging of the skin stimulates growth and thickening of the hair while exfoliating for healthy and clean skin. Daily use of the beard brush is recommended for the best looking beard when you look in the mirror!

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Naturally crafted

We didn’t get here by throwing industry-common (and chemically heavy) ingredients together and hoping for the best. Gravallese is the product of operating a barbershop as we’ve tested, listened, and learned. It’s born out of a profound care for people and what goes into our all-natural and plant-based products to make them functional for both the consumers and purveyors of them.  This is what drives us at Gravallese.

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Silky and smooth. Just so easy to use. Even for a dumb bartender like me.

Michael Moberly

The best product I've ever used. My look stays tight from morning till night.

Dr. Steven Noisewater


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Real ingredients

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