Welcome To Gravallese Co.

Welcome To Gravallese Co.

Hey Everyone!  

Thank you for taking the time to check out our products and our new website!  My name is Vinnie Gravallese and I have been a Master Barber/Educator for over a decade. I own the Derby Supply Company Barbershop in Reno NV. It was always a dream of mine to own my own barbershop and grooming product company. Today I can say I am living that dream. It's been a long hard road with many challenges and obstacles to overcome but here we are!

Gravallese Co is a plant based hair product line made from sustainable ingredients, made for barbers, by barbers and for the client.  

There are so many product lines out there that don’t hit the mark. I have used 100’s of products and know the lack of forethought that went into those trendy products because they don’t work well or are lacking in areas. I want you to feel empowered by the work we spent to make a product free of the toxic things in this industry.  

I would like to thank everyone that has helped make this dream possible. Clayton and Erik for their help formulating my crazy ideas and working/being patient with me while we went through countless recipes and batches and trials over the last 2 years.

 Most importantly I would like to thank my lovely wife Shelly. Without her support none of this would be possible. She has picked me up when I was doubtful and put up with my over the top work load from Derby to now Gravallese Co.   

Thank you all again for reading and I look forward to diving in deeper about our company, education and future goals.  Cheers!

Vinnie Gravallese