Shelly Gravallese Head Of Formulation

Shelly Gravallese Head Of Formulation

Hi, my name is Shelly Gravallese!

I’ve been in the industry now since 2007 and educated at Paul Mitchell the School Reno for about 8 years. I first started as a front desk employee and worked my way up from Color Specialist to Education Leader. Teaching gave me such a solid foundation on my craft and I’m happy to say that I am still behind the chair today with my own clients. 

When my husband first started to explore the possibilities of a product line, I thought I’d be very much in the background.  When we traveled to Brooklyn, New York to meet our manufacturer in 2019 I started to realize that making products was a lot like baking. There’s something so soothing about creating a product you put hard work and time into. I wanted to learn and do more. I have become the head of formulation for Gravallese Co and also am in charge of shipping and receiving. I'm hoping to learn as much as I can about sustainable products and ingredients on this journey.

When Vinnie started Derby Supply co, I could see how much work and energy he was putting in everyday. It was exhausting even to watch. When he started talking to me about exploring the possibility of a product line, I'm not going to lie, I thought he was crazy. But the idea was a good one and of course I was going to support him no matter what. What he’s been able to turn this company into has blown my mind and he never ceases to amaze me. He’s been a great teacher about business and I can’t wait for the next step.

Shelly Gravallese